Mounting NFS shares on my home network

I use NetworkManager to connect to my wireless network and wanted a way to map the drives automagically when I connect.  However, as I connect to a number of wireless access points I didn’t want to send my credentials trying to find my home server out each time I connect at the coffee shop.

Enter the NetworkManager dispatcher.  Scripts in /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/  are executed when the network manager connection is made.  I created the following file as “99mountmydrives” and chmodded it with execute permissions.

See the script below:


echo “running 99mountmydrives as `whoami`;” >> /tmp/dispatcher-log
echo “int=$1 and status=$2” >> /tmp/dispatcher-log

wait_for_process() {
PID=`/usr/bin/pgrep $PNAME`
while [ -z “$PID” ]; do
echo “waiting.” >> /tmp/dispatcher-log
sleep 3;
PID=`/usr/bin/pgrep $PNAME`

mount_drives() {
echo “waiting for nm-applet” >> /tmp/dispatcher-log
wait_for_process nm-applet
echo “mounting drives” >> /tmp/dispatcher-log

if [ “$IF” = “wlan0” ] && [ “$STATUS” = “up” ]; then
#WIFI Subnet at home

test=`ping -c 3 $SERVERIP >/dev/null;arp -a $SERVERIP`
echo “$test” >> /tmp/dispatcher-log

if expr “$test” : “.*$SERVERMAC” 2> /dev/null ; then
exit $?

getElementById fails on IE

While working on a simple test page, I wanted to use getElementById to get an Image object from JavaScript.  I quickly wrote up the code and tried it.  Firefox was fine but it failed on my IE7 with “Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn’t support this property or method”.  It took some digging to see what the problem was.

First thing I checked was that I used both element Name and Id and that they were the same.  I *always* do that given that IE will use whichever one matches the desired string.  After reading a few blog posts about common problems but with no good ideas I went back to my code and reviewed it carefully.  It turns out that I used the same name for my element and my local JavaScript variable.  That by itself isn’t a problem but what made it an issue for me was that I failed to initialize my variable with the “var” keyword.

See the code below for the example:

Do Something


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