How thick are your users?

This is an honest-to-God snippet from a published User Guide for some technical documentation I’m reading. This is a user guide for some pretty sophisticated software but apparently they have a low expectation when it comes to their user base.

Navigation through the steps is accomplished by clicking on the Next and Back
buttons found at the bottom of each of the wizard panels. The Next button takes you to the next panel. The Back button takes you to the previously displayed panel. Navigating backward using the Back button will not cause you to loose any entries already made.
A Cancel button is available on all of the wizard panels. Click Cancel to close the wizard discarding any changes.
Click Finish to close the wizard saving any changes that have been made. No changes are saved until the Finish button is pressed.

I’m offended that they feel the need to write for me as if I’m stupid and left feeling a lack of respect for it’s publisher.

Note: I edited slightly to remove any product name references. If you need to know who it was, just ask me.