Zend Framework Quickstart on Ubuntu 11.10

Running through the Zend Framework quickstart on Ubuntu 11.10, I ran into a few issues. Granted they’re not huge issues, but they slowed me down nonetheless.

1) Make sure that the php.ini for the cli is updated to include the zend framework. See the /etc/apache2/php.ini for the changes required.

2) When creating the /data and /scripts folders, they need to be in the root of your quickstart app, beside your “public” folder.

3) I didn’t have the Sqlite driver installed on my machine so that had to be installed before I could create the database.

AN ERROR HAS OCCURED: The sqlite driver is not currently installed

To fix this, I installed the “php-mdb2-driver-sqlite” package from Synaptic.

After fixing these 3 problems, the data loading script worked like a charm!

There was one more glitch getting the Quickstart app completed. Apparently in Ubuntu 11.10, Sqlite has been upgraded to Sqlite3 where Zend is still using the older version. Here’s a workaround to add the prior version to get through: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/+bug/875262/comments/10

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