Resize and Rotate

Last week my laptop died so when the new one arrived I started re-installing all those apps that make it work the way I want. This post is about one of those *must-have* applications. I manage all may camera images on my laptop so being able to quickly resize or rotate images is pretty important to me. Luckily a friend showed me an easy way to do bulk rename and resize with a simple right-click.


To add the new options to the Nautilus context menu we’ll first need to install the package:

[code] sudo apt-get install nautilus-image-converter [/code]

You’ll need to restart Nautilus or simply logout and log back in before you get the new right-click menu options. After you’ve done that you will be able to right-click on any image file and you’ll see the two new menu items: “Resize Images” and “Rotate Images”.

When you choose one of the menu items you will be presented with a simple interface to provide the relevant input parameters. What could be easier?!

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